All Black Everything

Black is such a classic color probably because it goes good with anything and can make you look slimmer. I love the distressed tee look lately. Distressed tees can be worn with so many different types of outfits like leather pants, jeans, leggings. This look looks great paired with a lace bralette, ankle heels and a stand out statement belt. The belt pictured below was actually my moms from years ago and I am so glad that they have come back in style because they are so unique.


Here and here is a similar distressed tee from Forever 21. These tees are so great from forever 21 because of how cheap they are!

Here and here are some similar belts to mine from Forever 21.Here and here are more expensive versions from Revolve that are similar to my belt as well.

Here and here are some similar styled bags from Forever 21. Here is a similar styled bag from Revolve on the more expensive side.

Here and Here are similar styled black lace bralettes from Forever 21.

My black ankle strap heels are from Lulus but they are so popular now that you can virtually find a pair anywhere. But here and here are some cute ones from forever 21 (I’m really digging the crushed velvet ones, so cute!)





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