Feeling the Blues

I love the silk/satin top trend. It’s any easy way to dress up and outfit and make it stand out. It also has a more high end expensive look to these tops. Plus they are so soft, comfy and light weight! There are so many options for layering silk tops too. The silk top I have pictured below is from Free People. I purchased this a few years ago so it is no longer available but I will link some similar ones below! I also love a cute patterned skirt. I got the skirt in the picture below from a boutique while I was in Paris. I will link other patterned skirts I think are adorable. My royal blue tie up heels are from just fab but a cute pair of tie up heels can be found almost anywhere. They are so versatile and look great with so many outfits. The light blue cross body purse is by Kate Spade and I especially adore this purse because the color stands out. Lastly, I purchased the lace bralete from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. I think it is a great piece to have since it can be worn with so many pieces and the peekaboo lace look is so cute!


I love the Free People Silk cami in the color Raspberry here

These satin camis from Forever 21 are also adorable here and here

These lace up heels from Forever 21 here are so cute!

I also LOVE these lace up heels by Steve Madden here

This is a similar Kate Spade bag here

Or this adorable bright red cross body bag from Forever 21 here

I love all these patterned skirts from Revolve here here or here

Here and Here are some cute barlettes from Forever 21


Do you guys love the Silk/Satin Cami look?



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