Thanksgiving Outfits Part 2

Everyone should own at least one sweater dress. They are so versatile and not to mention comfy!! And lets be real, after Thanksgiving dinner hanging out in a loose fit sweater dress is nothing short of ideal. One of my favorite brands is Lovers + Friends, and they have some gorgeous sweater dresses out right now. Here are a few of the ones I love…

0b22267715aa533ff651095d3c9eb53b…Love it too? Click Here

e47a0bb0732f7eaa41e08043be993a47 …Heres the link to this Lovers + Friends dress

Lately I am kind of obsessed with the distressed look so I love this dress below as well. 37aeaceee0b4d75e88b692d92fa06dc3Click Here if you love it too!

Lastly, one of my most favorite brands is Free People. I love this bright red loose fit sweater dress which would be perfect for Christmas.

ae6afdc93b08d2e3387095768d14204c Click Here if you love it too!

These are a few of my absolute favorite sweater dresses right now. The best part is how easy they are to style. They are perfect with over the knee suede boots, booties or even lace up heels. You can even dress them down with a pair of winter boots and chunky socks.

Again these might be a little out of your price range, thus here are some alternative cheaper options that are just as cute! Forever 21 has a great selection, the ones I like are here and here. MissGuided also has a great selection at a cheaper cost. I like this one here and here.

What do you guys like to style your sweater dresses with?






Thanksgiving Outfits

Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching I thought I would share some cute outfit ideas to wear on Thanksgiving! Since I live in Wisconsin, it has become much colder and will only get worse.. sigh. But my favorite part about the weather getting colder is all the fashion trends that come with season changes! Some of my absolute favorite winter trends right now are velvet and suede pieces. One of my favorite websites to get ideas for outfits and styles is if you haven’t been before, you must! As a fresh out of college grad I definitely cannot afford their clothing at the moment, (i.e. I resort to putting their items on my christmas list or saving my money for that one special item).

But, I absolutely adore this crushed red velvet skirt by BLANKNYC pictured below.8931049afec3f74dcc29962b7efb7cad

Here is the link to the skirt if you love it too… Velvet Skirt

Again similar cheaper crushed velvet skirts can be found here at Forever 21MissGuided and AKIRA Chicago

I love the idea of pairing this skirt with a distressed sweater and a cute pair of over the knee suede boots! The boots in the picture are the Highstreet Suede Boot by Stuart Weitzman which are priced at $798 (One of my absolute favorite designers but way out of my price range). You can find similar boots at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 and AKIRA Chicago for a fraction of the price.

What do you guys love to wear on Thanksgiving?




About Me

Hi everyone!

First off, my name is Elston Frozé. You are probably thinking wow that is a very unusual name. That’s because it is! My first name is my great grandparents last name. Growing up I hated my first name. Probably because I often heard comments like “That sounds like a boys name”, which really got to me. At the age of 22, I now love my name because it’s what makes me different. But I still prefer and go by the name Elle. Also, my last name is kind of pronounced like rosé but with an f in front of it.. you know like the popular alcoholic frozen wine slushy drink, “Frosé”. (I love this drink by the way).

I feel like writing your first blog post kind of feels like that first day of class in college when your professor says, “Let’s go around the room and have everyone give their name and a fun fact about themselves”. If you are anything like me, that sentence alone made me cringe back in college. Ice breakers were no doubt the worst part about starting a new semester. Thankfully, I am now a college graduate with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and I still currently live in Wisconsin.

So, I decided to start this blog because I have had unhealthy obsession with fashion since birth and I love to travel. I’ve always had a knack for styling and picking out clothing since I was young. So naturally I wanted to share my style with the world. That and I spend all of my free time looking at clothing and designers. So it only makes sence that I channel all that free time into something productive. I also plan to blog about my travel experiences. I am so excited share my personal lifestyle and communicate with all of you!


– Elle